Michael Grube

I am 32 years old, an Army veteran, and soon to be divorced. I have been writing since i was young and have always been told that I have a knack for it. I've tried my hand at a few novel attempts; my heart lies within poetry and journalism.

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'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'
10 months ago
Space exploration, a massive human/alien community built over hundreds of years, and a plot that has a race of peaceful aliens on the brink of annihilation; honestly, what more could you ask for? The ...
'Justice League: War' (2014)
a year ago
Going into this viewing with absolutely zero expectations turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Considering the live-action origin story for the JL was almost a complete letdown, this animation v...
'Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)'
a year ago
First and foremost, the title is completely misleading. Upon reading it, you automatically assume that there is some sort of conflict or battle between the Justice League and the Titans. However, ther...
'Justice League: Gods & Monsters'
a year ago
A twist to the beloved red and blue Kryptonian of the DC universe and Metropolis. This alternate universe begins with the destruction of Krypton, much like the original beginnings of the classic. The ...
'Supergirl' - My New Kryptonite
a year ago
Being a longtime fan of any Marvel or DC show that has been released since my childhood, I have to say that some of them have fallen short of fulfilling the youthful desire to see my cartoon and comic...
'Thor: Ragnarok'
a year ago
The third installment of the Thor series was a complete failure. The over-use of comic relief was extremely unnecessary. There were seldom scenes of seriousness or depth that grasped you, not only emo...