Michael Onstott

I hope my writing makes your day a little better. :) 

I also hope to make it into Marvel or DC someday. 

Samurai Jessie: Origins P3
8 months ago
They led Jessie to Damian’s place and they found that Richard had the place surrounded with his men. They were all armed with machine guns and some had grenades. Jessie was already coming up with a pl...
Samurai Jessie: Origins P2
8 months ago
Maya and Dan were running on foot while Richard and his goons jumped in a black SUV. It didn’t take long for Richard to catch up to them. They chased them into an alley and blocked it off. Richard, Gr...
The Supergirl Serum: Finale
9 months ago
I created the character Angelica with my friend Angelica in mind because she is strong in every sense of the word. There's been a lot going on lately and I wanted to put something positive in the worl...
The Supergirl Serum: Part 3
9 months ago
“You find anything over there?” asked one specialist. “No. You?” replied another. “No.” “Oh well. Keep searching.” “We have to find something. You find anything, Helen?” Walker asked while riffling th...
The Supergirl Serum: Part 2
9 months ago
Upon arriving in Canada, the trio was met by the US ambassador and the platoon of soldiers escorting him. The ambassador told them how “Fear Mongers” came out of nowhere and started shooting at the gu...
The Supergirl Serum
9 months ago
I know it has "Supergirl" in the title, but this is not an origin story about her. This is a story about a world in which women are physically stronger than men basically from birth. I hope everyone e...