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Michael Reynoso is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about Dragon Ball, video games, movies, and wrestling. Michael also delivers the best news, trailers, reviews, theories, movies, and so much more. 

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'Dragon Ball Super': Uub's Return Confirmed!!
a year ago
Hey 'Dragon Ball Super' fans! Breaking News!!! Everyone's favorite 'Mohawk' martial artist Uub, is coming back to dragon ball super and this has been "confirmed" by "Episode 86." It is foreshadowed th...
'Dragon Ball Movie' 2018: "The Origins of The Saiyans" Confirmed!!
a year ago
Hey dragon ball movie fans! BREAKING NEWS!!! We just got new information about a new dragon ball movie, which is confirmed to be released on December of 2018 at "Jump Festa" 2018. We got some "BIG" dr...
'Dragon Ball Super' Spoiler: Ultra Instinct Vegeta Confirmed!
a year ago
Hey, Vegeta fans! I have amazing news for all Vegeta fans! Make sure you read all of this information because this post is going to be lit! So, we just got a "spoiler" leaked of "Dragon Ball Super" ep...
'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 121 Preview!
a year ago
Hey Dragon Ball Super fans! Dragon Ball Super recently aired it’s 120th episode on Sunday, December 17th, in which Universe 3 made an explosive display of strength and speed in the last episode of Dra...
'Dragon Ball Super': Episode 123 Spoilers!!
a year ago
Hey Dragon Ball Super fans!!! Welcome to the "Dragon Ball Super: Episode 123 Spoilers!" The new title for episode 123 of next year in January 14th will blow your mind! We are going into 2018 with the ...
'Dragon Ball Super': Tournament of Power Rewind
a year ago
Tournament of Power The "Tournament of Power" is the name of the tournament held by two Omni-Kings: Present Zeno and Future Zeno. The strongest warriors from eight out of the twelve Universes are part...