Mike Charest

'Avengers: Infinity War' Is a Pending Miracle
9 months ago
Avengers: Infinity War has arrived! And it’s the most hyped movie since…the one Marvel released two months ago. But we’re back in Wakanda (for a bit) and, from way back to 2008’s Iron Man, all of the ...
Top Ten 2017 Movies
a year ago
Now that a quarter of 2018 is nearly over, it must be time to post a 2017 Top-Ten. With the Oscars on our doorstep, I’ve finally covered last year’s bases and have my regret-free list.
Oscars Countdown: 'Lady Bird'
a year ago
Lady Bird, both the film and the character, should drive viewers up a wall with their incessant bickering, but they really don’t. We can thank *googles the proper spelling of his eventual wife* Saoirs...
Oscars Countdown: 'Call Me By Your Name'
a year ago
The love story subgenre isn’t as prolific as you may think. Most are shoehorned into the romantic comedy category or aren’t critically successful enough to be anything more than that thing boyfriends ...
Oscars Countdown: 'The Post'
a year ago
The Post made for an interesting study of expectations affecting one’s viewing experience. Full disclosure, I made fun of this movie’s trailer for some time. I called it Movie: The Movie because it se...
'Black Panther': Believe the Hype
a year ago
Marvel continues to test fans with another three-movie year on the way. Superhero fatigue wants to be a thing, but the movies are just too good to let it happen. The MCU has become more of a genre tha...