Milica Markovic

Just your average, everyday word chimp who loves entertainment media, and anything creative! I'll also occasionally dabble in other genres.

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Movie Talk: 'Blue Valentine' (2010)
12 days ago
Here's yet another example of a film I more than likely have no business talking about. I should have learned my lesson with The Notebook. Still, here we are. I had a classmate in my first year of uni...
Commercial Review: Canadian Tourism Anime (2017)
a month ago
In trying to keep the topics a little more varied on my portal, I'm going to alternate between different series every now and again. Most of them are still in their planning stages, so in the meantime...
Witnessing and Writing Violence
2 months ago
With all of these essays I have written thus far, I must say with absolute honesty that writing violence is a difficult task to accomplish, both out of my own sensitivities and the fact that nothing I...
Mimo Reviews: 'Deadpool 2' (2018)
3 months ago
When our favourite "Merc with a Mouth" made his silver-screen debut (shhh, let's not argue this one) in 2016, the whole idea was about making fun of tired superhero cliches. I wasn't really sure what ...
Self-Directed Creativity Challenge: Re-Titling Films
5 months ago
For the purpose of this challenge, I chose to play film director and select five films that I feel should’ve been titled differently. I’ve seen many movies throughout my lifetime, and I oftentimes fin...
Into the Madness: Similarities between Alice and Hamlet
8 months ago
Warning: May contain spoilers. It may come as a surprise to readers that Alice, a motivated yet naïve heroine, and Hamlet, a tragic Shakespearean protagonist, possibly share several common attributes ...