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Five Satire Films to Watch This Month
2 days ago
Instead of watching Home Alone for the umpteenth time, I say we take a trip down memory lane and fire up some witty, inventive, and even thought-provoking staples in the satire genre. Here are five we...
Film Review: Deadpool (2016)
6 days ago
Ever since the test footage leaked, we’d been dying to see the "Merc with a Mouth" on the big screen. And boy, did he get quite the following. Now I’m here to talk about it nearly two years after its ...
Film Review: Mowgli’s Brothers (1976)
7 days ago
Unlike my other entries thus far, Mowgli’s Brothers is a rather short film — a television animated special, to be exact. I first heard about it through the Nostalgia Critic when he mentioned it in his...
Film Review: 'Kiki's Delivery Service' (1989)
7 days ago
This was my very first anime film, having seen it at four-years-old. To this day, after multiple viewings, it’s still my favourite – of Miyazaki’s films anyway, as I haven’t seen very many anime films...
TV Talk: Why'd they discontinue 'Teen Titans'?!
7 days ago
I refuse to believe that this show didn’t have the popularity it needed to continue, because nearly everyone I know within my age range remembers and looks back fondly on the Teen Titans animated seri...
TV Talk: The Legend of Tarzan (2001-3)
8 days ago
I have re-watched all the episodes of this show several times, and knowing me, I’ll probably continue re-watching the series for the rest of my life. Given how little effort Disney puts into its shows...