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Mimo Reviews: 'The Favourite' (2018)
18 days ago
NOTE: As I am largely unfamiliar with this period in British history, I will only be commenting on the work as is and not on the particular historical depictions featured in it. I enjoy family movie n...
Toronto Theatre Review: 'The Last Ship' (2019)
23 days ago
It had been almost two years since I wrote a theatre review as a critic for The Theatre Reader before the magazine was discontinued, and I'd been truly missing those near-regular theatre going days. A...
Why Do Bad Cartoons Have So Many Sidekicks?
a month ago
You know, this is something that I've pondered for the longest time. It just seems as though the quality of an animated movie or series is correlated with how many companion characters are present in ...
Wasted Potential: Elena Montero ('The Mask of Zorro')
a month ago
Warning: major spoilers ahead. I remember watching one of those Zorro cartoons when I was very young, but for some reason never finished it nor followed up with any of the franchise throughout my life...
Mimo Reads: 'The Outsiders' (1967)
2 months ago
This is the last of my journal entries from the eighth grade—that I'm able to find, anyway—edited and shared for your reading pleasure. Note: My "The Cay" disclaimer applies here as well.
Mimo Reads: 'Cue for Treason' (1940)
2 months ago
Here are two journal entries I wrote about the above-mentioned book for a language arts class in grade eight, edited and shared for your reading pleasure! Note: My The Cay disclaimer also applies here...