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The 10 Best Batman Movies
7 months ago
A Guide From Best to Worst
10 Fan Theories for Season 8 'Games of Thrones'
7 months ago
What is going to happen to our beloved characters? How many of them will die in the last season? What is going to happen with the Night King? There are a lot of questions and we want answers... in the...
10 Legend of Zelda Things You Need in Your Life
8 months ago
If you are reading this than you are probably a huge Legend of Zelda Fan, so congratulations on having good taste! All of the items on this list are from either Etsy or Ebay and some are even hand mad...
Prime Video Recommendations
9 months ago
If you haven't heard about it yet, Amazon Prime made their own version of Netflix. If you already have Amazon Prime, then you get free access to all kinds of streaming, so congrats! The bad news is th...
My New Fav YouTuber
9 months ago
Need a new Youtuber in your life? I find it hard to come across bloggers or YouTubers that I actually like. In most blogs, I can't help but think they these people are way too narcissistic. In most Yo...