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The 10 Worst Netflix Original Shows
a day ago
Netflix has made some amazing original creations... however, they have also made some really bad ones too.
Do You Need More Jenna Marbles in Your Life?
3 days ago
Whenever I am having a bad day, I just watch some of Jenna Marbles's youtube videos. It actually really helps with my depression. Whenever Jenna puts up a new video, it turns a mediocre day into an aw...
‘6 Underground’ Is the New Netflix Original Movie That You Didn't Know You Were Waiting For
3 days ago
6 Underground is an 'exciting' new movie that is coming to Netflix by the end of 2019 starring Ryan Reynolds! When I say it's 'exciting', I mean that is its genre! AS of right now, the only tag that N...
Netflix Is Trying to Get ‘Seinfeld’ for 2021
3 days ago
I'm sure you have heard the bad news... both Friends and The Office will be leaving Netflix some time in the next couple of years. However, Netflix doesn't want to leave their streaming site without a...
7 Titles Coming to Netflix on August 15th
4 days ago
There are exactly seven new titles that will be joining the Netflix collection on Thursday, August 15, 2019. Yup, that specific date, not earlier and not further away... August 15th!
The 15 Best Netflix Originals
7 days ago
Netflix Originals have been getting better and better every year... I have to admit, I am really impressed! Before writing this I already knew what my favourites were... but I was more curious to what...