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Did You Notice These 10 Small Details from 'Tuca and Bertie'?
a month ago
Tuca and Bertie is an amazing Netflix Original and more specifically, an adult animated sitcom. The show is made by Cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt and voiced by several very talented people. Including Steve...
'Game of Thrones' Gave Me Confidence as a Woman
2 months ago
I started watching Game of Thrones in my first year at college. I was staying in residence when we kept seeing references to the show everywhere we looked. It was even brought up in my lectures and se...
Fans Are Disappointed with the Last Season of 'Game of Thrones'
3 months ago
It's been two years since Game of Thrones season seven came out and now fans have lost their their excitement and all hype. The eighth and final season is here and... there's like a light hum on Twitt...
'Archer': A Review
3 months ago
I know how you feel, you've watched everything on Netflix... what can you binge now? Well I have some good news! There are lots of hidden gems on Netflix, and I'm going to help you find them! #TheBest...
The 10 Best Moments in 'The Umbrella Academy'
3 months ago
The Netflix Original is not too dark, not too serious and is full of amazing music. If you haven't watched The Umbrella Academy yet, it is definitely recommended that you give it a try. If you have al...