Natasha Sydor

Vocal's Head of Branded Partnerships, Production, and Sales. Travel enthusiast, musician, and athlete. Loves all things sci-fi, puppies, adventure, and binge-watching. 

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Coming Soon: New York's Heroes and Villains FanFest
10 months ago
Over the years, there have been many different pop culture and comic book conventions that have gained international attention. NYC Comic Con and Dragon Con, for example, are some of the biggest conve...
Ruffin Prentiss: The Voice Behind Watch Dog 2's Marcus
a year ago
The acting triple threat: Theatre, Film, and... Video Games? In recent years the gaming world has exploded with exponential opportunities for actors to lend their talents in motion capture and voice a...
Interview with Larry Blamire, Creator of 'Steam Wars' 
2 years ago
In Steam Wars, the year is 1897. Warfare is fought with large steam-powered fighting machines––steam rigs––designed to resemble ancient armored warriors. Manned by crews, the steam rigs serve a larger...
Most Underrated Wes Craven Films
2 years ago
Wes Craven, the legendary horror director, died on August 30th 2015 after a long battle with brain cancer. Unfortunately, there’s no plot twist in this story. Wes Craven left behind nearly 50 years of...
Dave Barrett Exclusive Interview for 'It's All Fun And Games'
2 years ago
When six friends accidentally cross into a dangerous (and very real) fantasy world, how will they make it back alive? This is the question Dave Barrett pursues in his debut novel It's All Fun And Game...
How Max Wasa Impacted Sci-Fi, Horror, and Wellness
2 years ago
Not many women can say they've been featured in countless Playboy magazines while also having portrayed a bloodsucking vampire on the big screen. Max Wasa's incredible range has been a force to be rec...