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"First Man" Review
2 months ago
Not many directors gain Oscar nominations for their first three films, yet Damien Chazelle has done exactly that with Whiplash, La La Land & now First Man. The story of Neil Armstrong's mission to be ...
'Venom' Review (And Why Do We Knowingly Go to Bad Movies?)
2 months ago
I knew Venom was going to bad, it wasn't Fantastic Four (the Josh Trank abomination) terrible but with the talent involved behind and onscreen it's a huge disappointment. Yet still I went to the cinem...
'Bumblebee' Preview (Or, Why There Could Finally Be a Good Transformers Movie)
2 months ago
Like many I'm a child of the 1980s meaning I used to love Transformers, I remember paying a few pound for the original VW Bumblebee that is still packed away safely in my attic. I would watch the G1 c...
'The Boys' Casting News (Amazon 2019)
3 months ago
A few months ago I wrote about my excitement for the news that production was gearing up to start on Amazon's TV adaptation of Garth Ennis's The Boys. Some of the early casting had been announced, but...
Netflix Casts Its 'Witcher'
3 months ago
With HBO's Game of Thrones heading out on its farewell tour next year, there is going to be a chasm-like gap for epic adult fantasy in TV land. Though Amazon is spending all the money on its Lord of t...
'Y: The Last Man' TV Preview 2019
3 months ago
The comic book craze continues with Brian K Vaughan's Y: The Last Man headed to our screens sometime in 2019. Y: The Last Man is a post-apocalyptic tale of gender, race, class, and survival; when a di...