Nikki Gaskins

From southwest Georgia to South Carolina's Grand Strand, Nikki has worked in a variety of markets as a TV anchor, reporter and producer. Learn more about her here:

Locals, Tourists in Nepal Star in Eye-Opening Short Film that Sheds Light on a Country Threatened by Tourism
8 months ago
Director Dekel Berenson’s latest short film, Ashmina, didn’t exactly happen overnight. For five years, he set out on an adventure to explore the far ends of the world such as the North Pole and Mount ...
Award-Winning Hollywood Actor to Open Top-Notch Acting Studio in Denver
2 years ago
DENVER, COLORADO — Following his extensive Hollywood career that spans more than 20 years, actor Todd Babcock is gearing up for an exciting new role as a leading acting coach for the Denver area, a move that will bring him closer to family. Babcock Studios, LLC is set to begin classes October 3, 2017. With the opening of the studio, Babcock hopes to improve, inspire, and create not just better actors but better artists and professionals. “My dream environment is a studio that can adapt and be ev...
Unleash Your Inner Sorcerer with Newly Released Jewelry Inspired by Marvel Comics’ Dr. Strange
2 years ago
ADDISON, ILLINOIS—Becoming one with the ultimate wizard in Marvel Comics history has never been easier thanks to Toynk Toy’s recent release of two popular Dr. Strange movie replicas, the Eye of Agamot...
Huckleberry Comics Debuts Gritty, Sci-Fi Thriller With Exciting Kickstarter Campaign
2 years ago
NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT—Imagine a new world order so ruthless, conniving and on the verge of collapse that each single day is a struggle to survive. Twists and turns exist at every corner. Welcome to the United Imperial Nations, a dystopian society where its powerful yet crooked leaders desperately rely on espionage, manipulation and fear to control its citizens on every level. “My goal when creating Dream State Radicals was to forge a universe as detailed and unique as Harry Potter or Star Wars...
Popular Instagram Model Releases Spellbinding Debut Novel Titled “Give It Back”
2 years ago
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON—Ever since she was a little girl, Danielle Esplin wanted to write professionally. Today, that goal is now a reality. In 2016, she received a publishing contract from Black Rose Wri...
Tech Get Go Releases Reliable, High-Capacity Portable Power Bank To The Global Market
2 years ago
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA— According to a market research report, the demand for the global portable battery pack market is expected to increase by nearly 20 percent and become a $10.94 billion industry...