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10 Telling Details from ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Comics that Reveal Motoko Was Actually Whitewashed
7 days ago
In the acclaimed 2003 film Lost in Translation (stick with me here), Bill Murray plays Bob Harris, a lonely, middle-aged actor who’s traveled to Japan to star in a Suntory brand whiskey ad campaign. D...
Halle Berry Was Right Choice to Play Storm in ‘X-Men’ Movies
7 days ago
Dear traumatized-former-Saturday-morning-X-Men-cartoon-watchers-of-the-1990s, puh-leeze feel free to get over your not ruined childhoods already. Yes, Halle Berry (the award-winning actress) played St...
Actually, Stan Lee Didn’t Base Marvel’s Prof. X & Magneto on Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Jr.
7 days ago
Despite what a legion of now grown-up X-Men cartoon and comics fans of the early 1990s have come to believe (and what Screen Rant erroneously claimed as a “verified” fact), Stan Lee, the co-creator of...
Does 'Teen Titans Special #1' Actually Feature the 1st Appearance of DC Superhero Crush?
8 days ago
With all the hubbub over DC Comics’ newest sensation Naomi taking up so much of the nerdversations® on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere over the last couple of months, it’s been super easy to forget h...
Dawson's Geek: 13 Reasons Why Rosario Dawson Is Queen of The Nerdiverse
a year ago
In a shade-filled tweet by a fan that promptly went viral in the fall of 2017, Rosario Dawson's Marvel TV character Claire Temple is referred to lovingly as one of "the four Defenders." And it's a pos...
Baby Got Buns: Paying 'Fitting' Tribute to the Comic Book Movie Poster Butt Pose
a year ago
"Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt!" exclaims an awestruck blonde to her BFF in the opening of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's 1992 hit song, "Baby Got Back." Over the course of the wiggle-inducing track, the rapper...