Paco Taylor

Paco writes on walls and draws on bathroom stalls. He loves hip-hop music, kaiju movies, anime, comics, Kit Kats, and kung fu flicks.
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Two-Fisted Tales: The Untold Origin of the Comic Book Superhero Iron Fist
13 days ago
In 1973, in a head-spinning eight month span that ran from March of that year to October, six Hong Kong martial arts films captured the #1 spot at the US box office. The collective spectacle sparked a...
'Bruce Lee In New Guinea,' Not Exactly As Advertised
18 days ago
For starters, the film doesn’t even star Bruce Lee. The leading man in this 1977 martial arts movie is actually Bruce ‘Li’ (born Ho Tsung-Tao) the actor thought by most kung fu flick aficionados to be...
Did Awesome Fan Art Inspire the Remarkable Look of 2018's Animated 'Spider-Man' Movie?
2 months ago
On Monday December 8th, Marvel and Sony Pictures Animation rocked the collective socks off the nerdiverse with the unexpected release of a teaser trailer for a computer-animated Spider-Man film that f...
Makes You Wonder: Why TF Has There Never Been a Wonder Woman Cartoon?
3 months ago
In the opening lines of one of the biggest hits released by James Brown during his storied career, the famed Godfather of Soul cries out in his signature tenor that: "This is a man's world!" But he pr...
Fantastic Fan Fiction Asks: What If Marvel's Black Panther Met The ThunderCats?
3 months ago
On November 9, Atlanta-based comic book maker Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs) caught the nerdiverse by surprise when he posted to his Facebook page the first spine-tingling installment of a 6-part fa...
Mad Love: Celebrating 25 Loony Years of Harley Quinn with 5 Pieces of Fantabulous Fan Art
3 months ago
In case you somehow missed it, September 2017 marked the 25th anniversary (or birthday) of the DC Comics character Harley Quinn. It's actually kinda bonkers that two and half decades have gone by sinc...