Paco Taylor

Paco writes on walls and draws on bathroom stalls. He loves hip-hop music, kaiju movies, anime, comics, Kit Kats, and kung fu flicks.
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Dawson's Geek: 13 Reasons Why Rosario Dawson Is Queen Of The Nerdiverse
7 months ago
In an amusing tweet that went a lil' viral, Rosario Dawson's Marvel character Claire Temple/Night Nurse is referred to with reverence as the "fourth Defender" (sorry, Iron Fist). It's a title that’s w...
Baby Got Buns: Paying 'Fitting' Tribute to the Comic Book Movie Poster Butt Pose
7 months ago
"Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt!" exclaims an awestruck blonde to her BFF in the opening of Sir-Mix-A-Lot's 1992 hit song, "Baby Got Back." Over the course of the wiggle-inducing track, the rapper...
12 Reasons Why Samuel L. Jackson Is A Geek God
7 months ago
When it comes to someone of Samuel L. Jackson's immense stature in American pop culture, I should probably be saying "the" geek god, not "a" geek god. Seriously. Don't let this man's fear-inducing yel...
Two-Fisted Tales: The Untold Origin of the Comic Book Superhero Iron Fist
8 months ago
In 1973, in a head-spinning eight month span that ran from March of that year to October, six Hong Kong martial arts films captured the #1 spot at the US box office. The collective spectacle sparked a...
'Bruce Lee In New Guinea,' Not Exactly As Advertised
9 months ago
For starters, the film doesn’t even star Bruce Lee. The leading man in this 1977 martial arts movie is actually Bruce ‘Li’ (born Ho Tsung-Tao) the actor thought by most kung fu flick aficionados to be...
Did Awesome Fan Art Inspire the Remarkable Look of 2018's Animated 'Spider-Man' Movie?
10 months ago
On Monday December 8th, Marvel and Sony Pictures Animation rocked the collective socks off the nerdiverse with the unexpected release of a teaser trailer for a computer-animated Spider-Man film that f...