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Lover of Comics and Science Fiction. If it can bend the mind and stimulate the senses, he wants to write about it. Check out my Twitter!

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Comics on eBay
5 months ago
I have always been a collector of comics. I like the art, especially the vintage stuff, and the stories presented can be much more impactful than they are given credit for. Comics have touched on hot ...
5 Ways to Expand Your 'Firefly' Universe
6 months ago
Firefly is a show that continues to live on with opportunities unexplored. There was the movie sequel, Serenity, that continued the story, but that was still not enough. Most folks who watched, were l...
Marvel Archenemies: The Most Heated Feuds in the Marvel Universe
3 years ago
Marvel archenemies have resulted in some of the most dramatic storytelling in the Marvel universe. They come in a variety of forms and occur on a multitude of levels. From the cosmic scale that can de...
'The Walking Dead' Comics Vs TV Show
3 years ago
The Walking Dead has become a sensation on TV ever since it made the zombie apocalypse both believable and relatable. Whether watching or reading, it has made its scrappy group of survivors seem like ...