Peyton Morris

College students writing about whatever I can think of, a few of my stories are college essays so that's why they sound kind of professional. Once Upon a Time lover - obviously.

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'Once Upon a Time' - Favorite Fairytale Show Comes to an End - Final Thoughts
10 months ago
Being a huge fan of this show as I am, I am one of those that was extremely upset when many of the main characters either quit or were asked to leave following its sixth season. I was even more upset ...
'Once Upon a Time' - Characters We Would Have Liked to See
10 months ago
With Once Upon a Time coming to an end after seven seasons, many, including me, are left to wonder what could have been. What if this character made an appearance? What twists in their story could hav...
Batman: The History and Influence in Today's Society
a year ago
According to Ultimate Batman Comics Website, the first Batman story, “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate,” was published in Detective Comics #27 in the May of 1939. Since then, the stories of the lege...