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I'm an avid writer of fiction! I've had over 53 novels published and have written over 350 articles for Moviepilot.com. I can be found on the web at www.rachelcarrington.com and www.ajourneyoffives.com. #olicitylover #Arrowfanatic #Flashfan

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Here's Why the Reboot with the Most Fan Disappointment Goes to 'Charmed'
3 months ago
Charmed, the television show about magic, witches, warlocks, and sisters, has never left fans' minds. Even though the series ended in 2006, it's never really been gone since it continues to air on Net...
What Does Colton Haynes' Return to the Arrowverse Mean for the Team and the City?
3 months ago
When we last saw Roy Harper (played by Colton Haynes), he was leaving Star City alongside the love of his life, Thea Queen. Thea felt called to leave town along with Nyssa Al Ghul to help find the los...
'Designing Women' Is Being Rebooted, But Will the Original Stars Return?
4 months ago
The 1980s were an era of big hair, shoulder pads, and the debut of a smart, sassy sitcom where four women tackled topics that were almost verboten in that time period. Designing Women hit the airwaves...
Why Fans Are Sticking by 'When Calls the Heart' Even After the Season 5 Shocking Finale
4 months ago
Good writing can draw an audience; excellent writing can keep them. And the writers and producers of When Calls the Heart, the heartwarming family-friendly television series from Hallmark, have gotten...
'Arrow': Will the Writers Redeem Team B or Expect Fans to Forget the Betrayal?
4 months ago
When Arrow ended its sixth season in May, Green Arrow was working alongside Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, and Wild Dog once again in an effort to bring down Ricardo Diaz. Viewers didn't know Oliver had ...
'Arrow' Season 7 Speculation: How Long Will the Series Keep Oliver Queen in Prison?
5 months ago
When Arrow wrapped its sixth season in May, Oliver Queen was headed to prison at The Slab, which is a metahuman prison. It supposedly got its name from being so impenetrable that the only way prisoner...