Rachel Carrington

I'm an avid writer of fiction! I've had over 53 novels published and have written over 350 articles for Moviepilot.com. I can be found on the web at www.rachelcarrington.com and www.ajourneyoffives.com. #olicitylover #Arrowfanatic #Flashfan

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5 TV Couples That Went Through Hell to Get to Happily Ever After
a year ago
Watching television is an escape for most fans. We root our favorite characters on, sit on the edge of our seats while the drama unfolds, and keep our fingers crossed the "will they or won't they" cou...
13 'Twilight' Facts That Even The Most Hardcore Fans May Not Know
a year ago
Although the last #Twilight movie premiered almost five years ago, the franchise still has legions of fans interested in the cast as well as the potential for a reboot. Five films weren't enough for u...
Why the Hallmark Channel's Highest-Rated Historical Drama, 'When Calls the Heart,' Hits All the Right Marks
a year ago
Hallmark Channel is well-known for its family-friendly movies that offer heartfelt drama, swoon-worthy romance, and happy endings. It was the network that aired all of the movies based on Janette Oke'...
4 TV Character Deaths that Made Viewers Say Goodbye Forever
a year ago
Television shows live and die by their ratings — and so, unfortunately, can their characters. While TV deaths often happen for understandable reasons (a storyline demands it, or an actor wants to leav...
'Arrow': Is Black Siren A Villain Deep Down?
a year ago
After being written out in Season 4, Katie Cassidy returned to Arrow this season to play a much more dangerous version of the Laurel Lance fans knew and loved. Black Siren is a leather-clad meta-human...