Rachel Millin

Good Intentions Gone Wrong
a month ago
As a kid, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was my favorite show to watch. I would race home after school, get my mom to turn on Fox Kids, and enjoy the next 30 minutes of karate-chopping, sword-wieldi...
Comic Heroes and Racism
4 months ago
Every time I see a white person yell, “That’s not canon!” over a new twist on an old comic book hero my “mug o’ tears” gets a little fuller. When Zendaya was cast as MJ in Spiderman: Homecoming, so ma...
Is it Ever Okay to Wear "Blackface" for My Cosplay?
6 months ago
When is "black-facing" okay? Personally, as a POC cosplayer, I go out of my way to find characters of color such as Static Shock, Yoruichi, Esmeralda, etc—to cosplay so I can potentially be "cannon" i...