Rand Einfeldt

I'm an inspiring story teller! When it comes to movies, books, music, you name it! I want to write about it, and give my own opinion on how they effect the human society that is constantly absorbed in nostalgic pop-culture!

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Randomocity Ep. 003 Peter PANther
25 days ago
Below is a recording of the episode, as well as the script to it. If you want the full story, listening the the episode will give you everything.
Randomocity Ep. 002 1987
25 days ago
Hello listeners! And welcome to Randomocity. I am your host, Rand. No, Rand is not short for anything... I take that back, I am. Who am I kidding, you all can't see what I look like anyway. But that's...
Randomocity Pilot Episode
a month ago
Hello listeners! This is your captain speaking. Please hold fast to your electronic devices, make sure your earphones are fastened, and your volume is set to eleven; because you're in for a bumpy ride...
8 Black Movie Remakes You Probably Didn't Know About
6 months ago
In honor of Black history month, I would like to list Black movie remakes. Some of these I've seen, and others I haven't, but I want to, so that I can compare. For this I will base it on my personal v...
What Needs to Happen in the DCU
6 months ago
I enjoy reading comic books and graphic novels. I’ll admit, when I was younger, I thought that reading them was a bit nerdy, but with me being a visual person and an artist, my curiosity got the bette...
Top 14 Movies You Should Watch on Valentine's Day
6 months ago
Happy Valentine’s Day to you, lovebirds! And a happy Single Awareness Day to all you single people. I find it ironic that the acronym for Single Awareness Day is S.A.D. No need to be sad. In no partic...