Rebecca Sharrock

I'm an autistic person who is making a career from writing, public speaking and advocacy work. 

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Memories and Harry Potter
a year ago
It was the year 1999 and hardly anybody (compared to now, at the very least) in Australia knew that there was such a thing as Harry Potter. I’d definitely never heard of the Harry Potter series in our...
The Longwinded Tale of Neville Longbottom
a year ago
I was introduced to the Harry Potter series by a primary school teacher in 1999. The books (and later the films) were something that I connected with immediately. Harry himself was an inspiring charac...
The 'Harry Potter' Effect: A Lifetime of Inspiration from the Unforgettable Wizarding World
a year ago
As a child I had a lot of difficulty with socialising (one of my diagnoses is autism) and would dread recess breaks at school. I had trouble fitting in with my peers and my favourite books to read were atlases. Yet in Fourth Grade (aged 9) I had a very kind teacher who was saddened to see a child sitting alone and depressed. Mum was doing voluntary work at the school, and my teacher met up with her (without me present) and talked about a new book series that she had recently come across. She exp...