Reed Alexander

The world is one marvelous catastrophe waiting to happen. When humanity is long gone, I hope my work is found by intergalactic explores so they can learn about the great failed experiment called human society (a sort of "I told you so").

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Reed Alexander's Review of 'The Taking of Deborah Logan'
a year ago
*sigh* Jesus Fucking Christ...... Look, Hollywood, we need to have a serious conversation about this shaky camera thing. A.K.A. The newest, shiniest, most polished, and overused piece of shit that's b...
Reed Alexander's Review of "The Bay"
a year ago
The Bay, round two, FIGHT! The first time I attempted to watch this festering pile of red hot bloody diarrhea, it didn't pass my 30 minute rule... actually it didn't pass 5 minutes... okay, to be hone...
Not In My Country
a year ago
Here’s a piece I wrote for a horror fiction contest. I didn’t win, but I was proud of it nonetheless. ---------------------- Sid stood at the opening of the snow frosted dirt road remembering all thos...