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Part I: Iconic Scenes That Say Plenty with Few Words
7 days ago
First in series of famous scenes in which the visuals say it all...
No One Has Ever Lowered Television's Bar More Than James T. Aubrey of CBS
a month ago
If you were a child of the 70s, you remember that Bucky Dent's good looks and 1978 World Series performance elevated the Yankee shortstop to national sex symbol status. Of course, Hollywood sought to ...
Chappaqua, New York Artist Turns Resonating Moments into Inspirational Works of Art
2 months ago
If you asked Chappaqua, New York artist Diana van Nes where exactly the inspiration for a piece of her art came from, she might be at a loss. This means she must step back, and then retrace the proces...
'Philomena' Shows the Way for a Catholic Church that has Long Lost its Way
2 months ago
Philomena is yet another instance of the vast, unimaginable crimes of the Catholic Church. Young girls would get pregnant, and the Church sold the babies to wealthy American families. Of course, if co...
Cary Grant and Tommy Chong: Two Very Different Stars Who Didn’t Shrink in the Face of the Establishment
2 months ago
Cary Grant had no problem with the ambiguity that surrounded his sexuality, according to his daughter, Jennifer Grant. It simply made women want to prove the rumors wrong. That’s her story and I’m sti...
So Alive at Plattsburgh State with Those 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'
2 months ago
When I went off to Plattsburgh State in 1982, I was terrified. But by the time I came back two weeks later for a wedding, I was locked in. Like a returning hero, I was met by Fast Times at Ridgemont H...