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Filmmaker Finds New York Vacation Getaway of a Bygone Era
2 years ago
Every summer, as the sizzle perspires from the cement, urban thoughts of running streams, flowing grass and cool mountain breezes inherently materialize around every New Yorker and only subside with t...
Audrey Hepburn Succumbs to Charade as the Age of Cary Grants' Movies Come to an End
2 years ago
In 2017, as Netflix or your DVD aligns its digits to the opening of "Charade," the 1963 film gives off a sense that the world is in the midst of an identity crisis that ties to the end of an era for C...
Woody Allen Finds Himself and the Roaring 20s in Zelig
2 years ago
Who else but Woody Allen himself could insert himself into Nazi archival footage, cause a ruckus to get the attention of a girl he loves and then get a laugh while Adolf Hitler rants on world dominati...
'Matthews' Sheds Light on English Football Star's Coaching during Apartheid in South Africa
2 years ago
Babe Ruth swung for the fences in the 1920s, and America crowned him the Sultan of Swat. In England, Stanley Matthews compares at the same cultural magnitude, and one upped the Bambino’s royalty by be...
Abondanza Is a Bronx Tale of a Disappearing Neighborhood
2 years ago
If you really want to add authenticity to your Sunday serving of macaroni, meatballs and gravy, a trip to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx will yield as many homemade Italian shopping opportunities as it al...
Harrison Ford Follows the Travails of American Immigrants in Crossing Over
2 years ago
If you’re interested in heartbreak, Crossing Over is the movie for you. Depicting illegal immigration in a number of forms, it’s the heartless who truly will enjoy this film. Harrison Ford portrays an...