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Untraceable is Too Much Gore, Not Enough Story
2 years ago
For those who have long surpassed the DVD, you may remember that the case usually provides a positive review to ensnare your attention. Untraceable with Diane Lane references Seven to draw comparison ...
Nocturnal Animals with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal Will Definitely Keep You Awake
2 years ago
Nocturnal Animals, written and directed by Tom Ford, begins with a rather large, fat naked woman dancing the stripper pole as part of an upscale LA art exhibit. Unsettlingly paradoxical, the metaphor ...
For New York City Actor Yaron Urbas, Late is Never Bad and Ignorance is a Strength
2 years ago
As good as a set up alongside the punchlines on The Jim Gaffigan Show is, Yaron Urbas has run in tangent with quite a number of roles in indie feature films and television. These include parts with Pa...
Olivia De Havilland and the Breaking of the Studio System of Indentured Servitude
2 years ago
Clarke Gable made a Golden Age of Hollywood career as a tough guy in a t-shirt. His carefully cultivated masculine aggressiveness on display to slap around everyone from Vivian Leigh to Joan Crawford,...
Mick Foley is Now a WWE Smackdown on the Comedy Circuit
2 years ago
Long before WWE Smackdown became a thing, Mick Foley got his first full-time wrestling job in 1988. Comfortable in the tights as “Cactus Jack,” he soared the heights as WWE’s “Mankind.” Earning three ...
New Documentary Explores the 1967 Newark Riots and Racism in America
2 years ago
In 1967, the arrest and beating of an African-American taxi driver by a white cop sparked a riot that killed 26 people, caused millions in damage and led to a mass exodus from the beleaguered city of ...