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The Golden Age of Movies Teaches Us that Cary Grant Can’t Be Taught In 'The Philadelphia Story'
7 months ago
For you beginners out there – pay attention – Cary Grant has opened his playbook in another golden age movie. The Philadelphia Story provides more lessons for all of us trying to temper our heart’s pa...
'A Bronx Tale' Took More Than a Real Mob Story to Come to Life
7 months ago
When Chazz Palminteri appeared opposite Robert De Niro in the real life Mob Story A Bronx Tale, his credits showed a series of TV spots and only three movie roles. De Niro, on the other hand, transcen...
'Is Anybody There' with Michael Caine Jerks Tears Across Intergenerational Relationships and Into the Afterlife
7 months ago
This past Sunday director John Crowley, Sir Michael Caine and his 14 year old co-star Bill Milner appeared at Jacob Burns Film Center with a screening of their new independent film, "Is Anybody There?...
'The Bad News Bears' Remembers a Time When We Didn’t Smother Kids with Child Psychology
7 months ago
Picture this, a little league baseball team packed 10 deep in a convertible - three perilously hanging out the back. Add Walter Matthau pouring vodka into an open container, while jockeying back and f...
As 1980s Movies Go, Valley Girl Brings You Back Like No Other
7 months ago
Ah the 1980’s, did they ever happen and did that lost love of yours ever really get away? I recently dialed up 1983’s Valley Girl to find out if I actually lived through them. It’s the old story of th...
Martin Short Publishes Life Story to Cope with the Death of His Wife
7 months ago
On Friday Night, the Harvey School in Bedford presented the fourth in its series of celebrity Q&As. Paul Shaffer providing the Qs, Martin Short let fly, and the audience didn’t come down until the Can...