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12 Angry Men Take a Turn at Law and Order
a year ago
Lawyers, judges, precedent, legal statutes, expert witnesses, forensic evidence and the power of subpoena all play their litigious parts in the Criminal Justice System and American Law and Order. They...
'The Kids' Explores The Real World Of Skateboarding Culture In 1995 Film 'Kids'
a year ago
Larry Clark’s Kids and the tsunami of prepubescent decadence that plays out hasn’t gotten any easier to watch since premiering in 1995. Encompassing the sexual depravity, Telly’s HIV positive pursuit ...
Me, My Dad and 'Late Night with David Letterman'
a year ago
Maybe David Letterman is following the comedic party line by deferring all praise but his farewell only fuels my suspicion that he has no idea how much he means to us out here who live for late night ...
Despite Being Off Message, 'The Hateful Eight' Still Has Quentin Tarantino On the Path
a year ago
I went into the Hateful Eight knowing two things about this Civil War Western. It didn’t have the over the top humor of Pulp Fiction and had all - if not - more of the violence. A blood bath minus the...
Preeminent Among Gay Activists And Actors, Harvey Fierstein Discusses Career At The Harvey School
a year ago
Last Friday, Harvey Fierstein entertained approximately 100 fans at the Harvey School and detailed his life as an actor, playwright and four-time Tony Award winner. But he admitted to Pat Collins, mod...
Richard Linklater’s 'Boyhood' Left Out the Boy in Coming of Age Movie
a year ago
Boyhood was 12 years in the making. Imagine embarking on a film project that adheres to the pace of real life, while actually holding onto all the actors through their own travails. Kudos are certainl...