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I love all things Superhero, WWE and film and TV in general, expect fan theories, articles and lots of discussion points!

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Disney...We Need to Talk!
5 months ago
(Any views expressed in this article are my own.) In the past week, the world has gone into meltdown, literally and figuratively. As temperatures soar around the globe, the internet has been aflame wi...
The Marvel Cinematic Universe 80s Style...Part One!
5 months ago
It's January 2nd, 1984 and Terms of Endearment is the number one movie at the US Box Office. Return of the Jedi was the biggest movie of the last year and the rest of the year will see movies like Gho...
Does 'Black Panther' Deliver on Its Promise? (Minor Spoilers)
10 months ago
Movie hype is nothing new, indeed it is now an integral part of the movie making process. The "machine" can make a movie sound like the greatest of all time, look like it is MUST-SEE, and generate mil...
How 'Runaways' Could Introduce The X-Men To the MCU...
a year ago
Since its debut, Marvel's Runaways has steadily built in quality and popularity. While some have derided the show as "Dawson's MCU," others have enjoyed Buffy-esque vibe and interesting take on what i...
10 People Marvel Must Cast to Make the Fox Deal Work
a year ago
For years, it seemed like a dream that would never come true, that Marvel would be able to include its biggest properties in the MCU. The idea of Mutants facing off with Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, ...