robert massimi

I have been writing on theater since 1982. A graduate from Manhattan College B.S. A member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, which recognizes excellence in both English and Science. I have produced 12 shows on and off Broadway. I've seen over700 shows

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'A Walk on The Beach'
7 months ago
Robert Massimi. A Walk on The Beach at the Theater for The New City is an introspective of a heavy debate about a sculpture in Hyannis Massachusetts. The debate is whether or not John Kennedy Jr shoul...
'The Property' Theater Review
7 months ago
The Property at The Clurman Theater is a play about Irene (Rachel Botchan), her husband Eddie (Warren Kelly), her ex husband Vernon (Sam Tsoutsouvas) and a person who rents their cottage named Greg (J...
God Can't Save This Queen
8 months ago
Robert Massimi. God Save Queen Pam at The Players Theater is in the same genre as the movie Ralph, where a nobody schlub is exalted to the hierarchy. Actress/ writer Erin Murray Quinlan is a happy-go-...