Roman Arbisi

An aspiring film critic/journalist. I've been writing movie reviews as a hobby since July 2015 in hopes of one day finally being known as a professional film critic. You can find all of my movie reviews at Roman's Movie Reviews on Facebook.

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We Should Take the Golden Globes Seriously
5 months ago
Sunday’s 76th Golden Globes had one of the most interesting slate of winners yet. Between Alfonso Cuaron’s win as Best Director for Roma, Olivia Colman’s big win as Best Actress in The Favourite, and ...
My 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019
5 months ago
After a big year for movies in 2018, in terms of record-breaking box office, controversial figures, and divisive films, 2018 seems to have made a huge impact on the general movie-going public, and the...
'Ready Player One' Review: The Consumption of Media
a year ago
Ready Player One is based off of Ernest Cline’s highly praised novel of the same name and is tackled by legendary Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg. In Cline’s novel, he takes off into a relatively...
The Netflix Paradox: Netflix's Lack of Quality Control
a year ago
Netflix has been on an absolute tear in producing streamable content for a handful of years now, and it only seems like things are just getting started for the subscription service. Within the last tw...
Christopher Nolan Is the Spielberg of the 21st Century
a year ago
In honor of the Oscar-nominated Dunkirk, which is written and directed by Christopher Nolan, I have decided to dive deep into shark infested waters to compare one of our generation’s most creative min...