Roy Jones

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'Iron Ladies'
12 days ago
I'm pretty choosy when it comes to reading manga and would probably class myself in the casual fan category. That said I will probably read anything if I like the look of it and have chosen independen...
Manga Review
a month ago
I'm very choosy when it comes to what manga to read, but I tend to lead towards stories with mature themes. These books are usually full of sex and violence, although some just have their fair share o...
Iketeru Police
2 months ago
I must admit I am pretty new to reading manga consistently, so I may be unfamiliar with some of the etiquette. Personally I'm still getting used to reading from right to left, and some stories can be ...
'Goblin Slayer'
2 months ago
My manga library has been limited in the past few years with me not venturing too far from the tried and tested selection I like. I tend to stick to the likes of Berserk and Battle Vixens to get my fi...