Roy Jones

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Get this Pleb Off the Telly!
2 months ago
ITV's The Jeremy Kyle Show finally cost somebody their life recently when Steve Dymond, 63 took his own life. He was found in his bedroom in Portsmouth surrounded by drugs. It appears the suicide is a...
'Iron Ladies'
2 months ago
I'm pretty choosy when it comes to reading manga and would probably class myself in the casual fan category. That said I will probably read anything if I like the look of it and have chosen independen...
Manga Review
3 months ago
I'm very choosy when it comes to what manga to read, but I tend to lead towards stories with mature themes. These books are usually full of sex and violence, although some just have their fair share o...
Iketeru Police
4 months ago
I must admit I am pretty new to reading manga consistently, so I may be unfamiliar with some of the etiquette. Personally I'm still getting used to reading from right to left, and some stories can be ...
'Goblin Slayer'
4 months ago
My manga library has been limited in the past few years with me not venturing too far from the tried and tested selection I like. I tend to stick to the likes of Berserk and Battle Vixens to get my fi...