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That's right, I didn't start watching GoT until Season 6...what you gonna do about it!

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Remember That Time Bryan Singer Made That Movie Where Ian McKellen Played an Ex-Nazi Named Kurt?
a year ago
No, I haven't been drinking. That much. And I promise I'm not confused and mixing up different movies! The movie I speak of is Apt Pupil, starring Ian McKellen as a Nazi war criminal, and Brad Renfro ...
Celebrate an Early Fourth of July With the 5 Most Underrated Patriotic Superheroes
a year ago
When "America the Beautiful" and superheroes cross your mind in the same thought, who is the first guy you think of? I'm going to go all fake David Blaine on you and guess it's Captain America. It was...
A Theory to Blow You Back to Kansas: 7 Reasons the TRUE Villain of 'The Wizard of Oz' Was Glinda the Good Witch
a year ago
The Wicked Witch of the West and her wicked sister witch from the east weren't actually the villains of #TheWizardofOz. Glinda the Good Witch was! And she used sweet little Dorothy as a pawn in her wi...
22 Best Moments From 'Supernatural' to Celebrate 13 Seasons of the Winchester Boys
a year ago
In case you hadn't heard, Supernatural is smack-dab in the middle of its thirteenth season next month. Not only does that make it the longest-running show the CW has ever had, but there doesn't seem t...
Look Out, 'Supernatural' Fans; Jensen Ackles Has Some News For You
a year ago
After 13 seasons of seeing Jared Padalecki take on the role of not only Sam Winchester, but also Lucifer, Gadreel, and even a creepy soul-less version of himself, it looks like Jensen Ackles has been ...
Beyond 'The Avengers' & 'Justice League': What Future Super Roles Could Be Filled By Current MCU & DCEU Actors?
a year ago
In the world of comic book movies, one would think landing the role of Thanos, the Human Torch, or Daredevil would be so rare, those same actors could never land the roles of Cable, Captain America, o...