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Hi all!! My name is Sammi and I'm an aspiring writer and editor!



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Sansa Stark (and Sophie): My Queen Forever
6 days ago
There have been many times when I've wanted to give up on myself. Some days I thought my mental illness would destroy me. Other times, it would be thinking I wasn't good enough to pass my classes, get...
'Game of Thrones': What Is Characterization?
13 days ago
Was this episode visually stunning in places? Yes. Did we get Clegane Bowl? Yes. Was the music fantastic? Of course, as always. Were these the same characters we’d been with for years? Um… I’m not sur...
I Really Love Ghost
17 days ago
My favorite character on Game of Thrones isn’t a human character. Sure, I love Sansa, and I love Jaime, but there’s a clear favorite in my heart. It’s Ghost, Jon’s loyal Direwolf. This good wolf has b...
'GoT': 5 Things I Liked and 5 Things I Didn’t Like
20 days ago
Anyone watching last night’s Game of Thrones was in for a whirlwind of emotions. Who knew that this week would make me cry more than the epic war we endured last week? I wasn’t expecting it, and neith...
The Battle of Winterfell
a month ago
I may have just watched the best episode of TV in my life. "The Long Night" is the longest episode in the series’ history. It clocks in at 82 minutes and involves the Great War between the living and ...
‘Game of Thrones’: Battle of Winterfell Predictions
a month ago
We’ve made it. The great battle between the living and the White Walkers has finally arrived. This Sunday, we’ll all be in for an intense hour and 20 minutes of TV. This is a battle that has been buil...