Sammi Curran

Hi all!! My name is Sammi and I'm an aspiring writer and editor!

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'My Hero Academia' Season 1 Review
6 months ago
I’m always hunting for new anime to watch. Some of my favorites include Tokyo Ghoul, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Attack on Titan. If you know anything about anime, you know those are some pretty dark...
Thoughts I Had During 'Age of Ultron'
7 months ago
This movie is not good. It’s one of the weakest ones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s been some time since I’ve watched it, so I had to carefully document my thoughts while re-watching it after ...
Five James Bond Choices You Haven’t Thought Of
8 months ago
James Bond is iconic, and there’s loads of conversation going on about who can play him. Daniel Craig is done, but of course they’ll be making another movie sooner rather than later. With such a huge ...
Masterful Suspense in 'Game of Thrones'
8 months ago
The Game of Thrones writers aren’t perfect. They’ve had some mistakes in the past. However, I was re-watching the season seven finale, and, I have to say, it was masterful. There are little things tha...
Aquaman Will Probably Suck
9 months ago
San Diego Comic Con happened recently, and we had plenty of big releases to talk about. Arguably one of the biggest is Aquaman, DC Comics’ next attempt at a good movie. Hopefully this one pays off, un...
Thanos Demands Your Silence
9 months ago
Spoiler territory ahead. I think we can all agree at this point that Avengers: Infinity War is a pretty great film. It weaves complex characters together into a whirlwind of a movie while still being ...