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Top 10 Movies to Look Forward to in 2019
6 months ago
If your New Year's resolution is to watch more movies, you're in luck. This year in 2019, we have lots of cinematic excitement in store for us. From Marvel to live-action Disney classics, these are th...
7 Movies that Are Actually About Thanksgiving
8 months ago
There are many Christmas and Halloween films every year, but there are hardly any Thanksgiving-themed movies out there. Of course, there are films you can watch on Thanksgiving, but not many are actua...
The 'Titans' Trailer Got Some Things Very Wrong
10 months ago
Just recently, I was introduced to the animated Cartoon Network series Teen Titans and instantly fell in love. The characters are likable and fully fleshed out. The stories are exciting and fun. It's ...
What's Right and Wrong With 'the Greatest Showman' (Film Review)
a year ago
The songwriters behind the award winning La La Land helped create a new musical that brought the "true story" of P.T. Barnum to the big screen. The Greatest Showman chronicles the rise of his circus a...
Hey 'Parks and Rec,' What Ever Happened to Mark Brendanawicz?
a year ago
For those who don't know (or sadly forgot), Mark was a city planner in Pawnee and one of the main characters in the hit comedy Parks and Recreation. After season two, Mark left town to take another jo...
'A Trip to the Moon' Review: Why Director George Melies is a Genius
a year ago
I am a sucker for old silent movies. It is like taking a time machine to a different era of film making. If one went through all the films by each decade, starting as early as the 1920s, one could wit...