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The Secret to "Making It" in Comedy
a year ago
"You are not going to make it as a comedian, you are vying for a lottery ticket that may or may not cash and probably, will not cash, but if you create your own $h!t, your own path or niche, your chan...
The Ultimate Hack to Supercharging Your Comedy
a year ago
The Trick: Record your set, then actually listen and watch. (A little foreshadowing in the picture) Sounds easy enough, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say: I hate listening to myself. I hate watchi...
Being a Professional Screwball: Getting the Gig, Keeping the Gig, and the Best Advice I Ever Got
2 years ago
If you are reading this you probably relate to all 3: I had a great set, I'm feeling great, I'm want this again. Comedy all day every day. I had a bad set, I should probably quit, I'm never good at an...
Comedy Open Mic Formats & Etiquette
2 years ago
When you are new to comedy it can be a lot of information to take in and a ton of absolute hot garbage advice will be given so freely. I'm writing these articles in an attempt to help a new aspiring c...
I Want to Try Stand-Up Where Do I Start?
2 years ago
There's a million reasons why people want to start doing comedy, and it's hard to figure out where to begin. Big names like Kevin Hart and Sarah Silverman didn't just instantly sell out shows, they we...