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Why 'Green Book' Was My Favorite Movie of 2018
3 days ago
Though the title may seem to tell you otherwise, this is in fact a fair, unbiased movie review ... For the most part. Look, I loved Green Book (2018) and I'm not gonna act like I didn't or that I'm some sort of snob who needs to find negatives in stuff. It missed a few points, sure, but there's a reason it swept the Golden Globes this year. In fact, there are many that I'm gonna break down here. It may not be your cup of tea, but hear me out when I tell you this movie is worth the watch for many...
'Boulevard:' It's Never Too Late to Live for Yourself
14 days ago
If you would indulge me for a moment, I'm gonna talk about some pretty heavy stuff that pertains to life. I normally keep things pretty light-hearted around here, but I feel a need to help forward a message that the film I am going to review tonight was trying (in my opinion) to get out there. Life is a funny thing, in fact, it is something that a lot of us forget to experience. We get so caught up in conforming and following the same dull path so many of us had walked before. How often do you r...
'Ant-Man & The Wasp': A Little Setup for Bigger Things
14 days ago
When the first Ant-Man film was released in 2015, I was excited. Hank Pym was one of my favorite comic characters and his run as Ant-Man was enjoyable. Then when I saw the movie, safe to say I was pretty disappointed considering that Ant-Man was the Scott Lang version and as a whole the movie wasn't very good. Not to mention I'm not a big fan of Paul Rudd, so in general I wasn't too keen on a sequel. Sure enough, we got it this year shortly after the release of the highly successful Avengers: In...
'Aquaman' Is What All DC Films Need to Be
17 days ago
To be honest, and I'm not saying anything you all don't already know, Warner Bros.' efforts to rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been unsuccessful at best. Riddled with controversy and backstage politics, what is known as the DC Extended Universe has been a doomed project for years. Fans all over have watched some of the world's most iconic heroes be severely mishandled on screen. After Justice League (2017) failed to compete against Avengers: Infinity War (2018) both at the box office an...