Shaun Pond

I am a third year Journalism and Screenwriting student at The University of Worcester with a particular interest in gaming and all things geek. Seeking representation and writing opportunities, please contact [email protected] 

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'Ozark' Is Not the Greatest Show Since 'Breaking Bad'
9 months ago
Read almost any review of Netflix’s hit drama Ozark, and you will very likely read that it is the greatest show since Breaking Bad or is the next incarnation of it. This could be due to a simplified u...
Is Diversity Killing Comics?
9 months ago
Pay enough attention to the comic book forums and you will notice one excuse for poor sales cropping up again and again…diversity. Unbelievable as it may sound, people are actually convinced that this...
How Can DC Save Their Movie Universe?
9 months ago
If you’re reading this then the likelihood is that you’ve seen at least a portion of the movies on offer from Marvel and DC. If that is the case then you’ll be very aware of the disparity in quality t...
Is The Joker the Greatest Villain in Comic Books?
10 months ago
If you ask the average person who the best villain is in the world of comic books they will likely all answer with the same name, The Joker. He is a juggernaut on both the printed page and the big scr...
Is Comic Book Justice Really Just?
10 months ago
Superheroes; they’re a paragon of virtue, the most moral of us all and those whom we can hold up high as something to strive for. At least, that is the intention behind the vast majority of them, but ...