Skyler Sneathen

Full-time worker, history student and an avid comic book nerd. 

Questioning the Maturity of the MCU Fans
2 months ago
We are upon the release of the MCU's Avengers: Endgame and the fandom for it is huge! Fans are speculating many theories, spoilers have leaked and they are trying their best to hide from them. Why wou...
Was Batman v. Superman a Financial Disaster?
2 months ago
At first Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice enjoyed a wonderful opening weekend but then suffered a 69% drop, which is so bad, so terrible in cinema history that this was built up as WB’s own 'Great ...
Where Pet Sematary (2019) Succeeds Pet Sematary (1989)
2 months ago
It is easy to latch on to the original film of a franchise, and incessantly attack the remake. We are all guilty of it to some degree due to our own bias. Personally I am OK with remakes... some of th...
'Batman v. Superman': Dawn of My Awakening for Film
2 months ago
I can still recall when the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-Con trailer dropped and how exhilarated I was to watch it in its pristine glory. Quite frankly, I was breathless—seriously! I let ...
Alexandra Shipp Is Right, Storm Doesn't Need Black Panther
3 months ago
Actress Alexandra Shipp has been playing the character of Storm (Ororo Munroe) since X-Men: Apocalypse (2016). She now returns to the character in this year's upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Fair to say...
Dissecting 'Batman Returns'
6 months ago
What if I told you Tim Burton's Batman Returns is not just a bad Batman film, but just a poor film in general? I feel as if some people give this film too much credit to this day. Of course, it is no ...