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Vanity Cards: Why Chuck Lorre's Thoughts at the End of His Shows Are Crucial
5 months ago
I know that Netflix wants you to just skip ahead to the next episode like some Pavlovian way of salivating for another fix. Yet, I have to impart that the Chuck Lorre Productions Vanity Card is a true...
Reason First: The Case for Romanticism in the Cinema
7 months ago
Hollywood has figured out that there is an untapped audience yearning to see stories that reflect their lives up on the big screen. People flock to the movies to see the latest incarnation of super he...
Reason First: How Romanticism Wins Against Every School of Art
7 months ago
The chasm remaining from the demise ten years ago of David Foster Wallace still stuns members of the literati. His words marked a shift in the tone, atmosphere, and tenor of the current state of the w...
Reason First: Why Depravity Reigns on BET
7 months ago
It’s all well understood. The drugs and sex and rock and roll lifestyle is sexy and exciting, supposedly. Music supporters who have yearned to see that lifestyle on screens large and small want to view all of the ins and outs of their favorite musicians’ lives. Even when it comes with a cost, like a disease or ailment or death, audiences still seek out art and entertainment that exhibit these characteristics. With the knowledge that none of the indecency is conducive to living life, they continu...
Pulling Rank: Works That Exemplify What a True Spy Hero Is from Smart Slob to Luminary
8 months ago
Every agency from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been tasked with safeguarding the lives and property of Americans. Other internationals like th...
Why Are You Ranking: The American Dream as Described by Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Artists Listed from Hallucination to Fantasy
8 months ago
Why is there no Scottish Dream? Is it because it’s already a cocktail? Why is there no French Dream? Would that be too risqué? And a German Dream may have already been a nightmare. These are but a few...