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Why Are You Ranking: The Best Dramatic Portrayals of Crack Addicts Where These Actors Will Never Receive an Oscar® for Their Roles Listed from High to Fiend
6 months ago
Before the opioid crisis of the mid to late 2010s, there existed the crack wars of the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s. To capture properly the scenes of despair, familial fractures, and the human toll that the drug game has wreaked on America, moviemakers and television crews seek to depict the addict. Now, a metaphor for liking something to the extreme or unable to shake from an activity, the crackhead, has become a staple in films and shows regarding the proliferation of narcotics. They are...
Why Are You Ranking: Most Stirring Ideas from the Novel 'Invisible Man' Listed from Pensive to Reflective ***(Spoilers Abound)***
6 months ago
There is no such thing as black excellence. There is only excellence found in an individual who just might have a darker pigment than someone else. Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man (1952) strikes some of...
Why Are You Ranking: Most Enlightening Business Moments in 'The Social Network' Listed from Foolish to Sage
7 months ago
Never mind (for the moment) the excellent scoring, editing, acting, writing, and directing (among other superlatives). The film The Social Network (2010) stands as one of the best business films to ev...
Why Are You Ranking: Best of the Denys Arcand Film Series From Slightly Stimulated to Aroused
7 months ago
(Disclaimer: For this list, there is at first glance, omissions. The films, Days of Darkness (2007) and The Fall of the American Empire (2018) seem to be swept from the annals of the places like Amazo...
Why Are You Ranking: Best Stand-Up Comedians of the past Eleven Years Listed from Chuckle to Guffaw
7 months ago
Throughout history, man has needed to see an evil man slip on a banana peel. Thusly, the stand-up comic was created by the Greeks. It was given another name, but that’s not the point. What humor does ...
Why Are You Ranking: Best Ways That Lindsay Lohan Is the Metaphor for America From Her Reckless to Her Most Beautiful Points
7 months ago
Once a darling of the cinema, actress Lindsay Lohan has experienced both the crests and the doldrums of her profession. Through bizarre run-ins with paparazzi to drug and alcohol abuse, to her romanti...