Spencer Barrett

A 28 year old Fine Arts graduate with a career in hospitality and food, Spencer is a hobbyist Author, Streamer, GameDev, and creator galore in many mediums, with a guilty spot for animated cinematic movies.

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'Next Gen' Movie Review
3 days ago
In a (not quite so) futuristic society, robots are involved in every facet of life. From being toothbrushes with aggressive parental settings to cups of noodles that dance when they are hot and ready ...
Saban's Power Rangers–2017
10 days ago
When a childhood cornerstone comes back to the workshop for revitalization, it can instill fear in diehard fans of the nostalgia. I believe the 2017 movie, directed by Dean Israelite was a good homage...
The Guardian Brothers
2 years ago
I wasn't sure what to make of The Guardian Brothers when I sat down and put it on. It's been nearly two years since it was released in China and it recently made its way to Netflix. I had no idea of t...