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I'm a filmmaker and film enthusiast. May start to put up some dream projects. Depends. I hope you enjoy listening to me spout nonsense. 

Live Action Simpsons Movie: Re-Cast
9 months ago
You've got your mates round. You've all had a few drinks. You wanna play a game to have a good giggle. My go0to is something I call, "Re-Cast." Just pick a popular show or movie, and make your dream c...
Red Dwarf: 10 Best Episodes to Watch for All Smeg Heads
9 months ago
After my last list focusing on Doctor Who, (, it was pointed out to me by a friend that I've been shining the torch of Red Dwarf fa...
10 Films You Really Should Watch That You "Probably" Haven't
9 months ago
Right. Time for a bit of fun. Remember, my good movie may be different to your good movie. And if you've read anything of mine before, you might already be primed to disagree. But lets jump into it, n...
The Best Superhero Movie That No One Has Watched
9 months ago
As fun as these superhero films are, they aren't breaking the mould, or doing anything Oscar-worthy, are they? With a few exceptions, its a genre of simple stories and predictable results. I think thi...
'Batman V Superman': Better than You Think?
9 months ago
So. Not many people like this film. In fact, some would call this the worst thing Warner Bros. have done to DC. But is it? I remember watching this film for the first time in the cinema. The hype was ...
The New 'Venom' Movie (Spoilers)
9 months ago
So as I usually am with these superhero movies, I'm a little late to the party with this one. Venom is one of those films that satisfy that blockbuster itch but also falls short of the source material...