Stephen Hamilton

Definitive movie buff. Quickly realized that it was more financially prudent to write about film than trying to beg for millions of dollars to make his own.

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Complicated Portrayal of Supergirl Throughout History
3 years ago
In 1938, a character created by two young men from Cleveland revolutionized the then-early comics industry. Nearly 50 years later, the comics were still going strong, and the character, Superman, look...
'Powers' Season 1 Review
3 years ago
Powers was the first original TV show from PlayStation Network, and is based on the eponymous comic book series. It premiered on March 10, 2015, as an online streaming series. The show features human ...
Best 'Stranger Things' Funko Pop! Figures Arrive
3 years ago
In 2016, Netflix transported us back to the 80s, with the classic tube socks, feathered hair, but with better television quality. Stranger Things rocked the streaming service and became one of the top...
Funniest 'South Park' Randy Marsh Scenes 
3 years ago
We should all thank the divine forces that led Trey Parker and Matt Stone to decide to further develop some of the characters that weren’t so involved in first few seasons of South Park, because that ...
Hollywood Secrets of the Golden Days
3 years ago
A rather amusing classic Hollywood practical joke was vouched for as perfectly authentic when the man who had perpetrated it. Eddie Goulding is who. Even way back towards the end of the silent period ...
'Doctor Who' Kitchen Products For Holiday Meals 
3 years ago
The only thing Daleks will be exterminating this holiday season is the turkey or ham! They’ll probably overcook it, but the Doctor always has a backup plan for you. Unfortunately, your favorite Britis...