Stephen Hamilton

Definitive movie buff. Quickly realized that it was more financially prudent to write about film than trying to beg for millions of dollars to make his own.

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Top Super Villains Turned Superheroes 
3 years ago
Everyone knows that for every superhero there is a super villain. But what of the super villains turned superheroes? The super villain turned superhero is one of the most exciting devices used in comi...
Best Zombie Slayers in History 
3 years ago
OK, so the zombies are rising from the dead and threatening to destroy the world. Is it best to use a chainsaw? Or a baseball bat? Or a cricket bat? If you're as kick-ass as these folks, it probably d...
Best Spring Break Movies
3 years ago
Spring break is a great time to get together with friends, relax, and make memories. Whether you are heading down south to party it up, going on a fun-filled road trip, or just having a good ‘ol fashi...
Best Marvel Comic Movies
3 years ago
Comic book movies are hot right now, and none more so than those from uber-awesome comic book publisher Marvel. They pretty much wrote the book on iconic heroes, from Spider-Man to the Incredible Hulk...
Top Military Anime
3 years ago
The military, with bonds of brotherhood, fortified discipline and risky and dangerous adventure, it is a perfect medium to use for storytelling. No genre captures that medium as well as anime, combini...
Scariest Movie Monsters
3 years ago
We all can easily recognize Hollywood's biggest actors and actresses but none of them stand out in our minds the same way as the scariest movie monsters in cinema history. Movie monsters, like the Xen...