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App Review: "Applike"
2 years ago
So, I'm sure by now, anyone who's gone through a game and has had to sit through a commercial or an ad to get that bonus boost has seen the commercial for it. The little star, bouncing around between ...
Destiny: Age of Wrap-Up
2 years ago
[I wrote the first part of my Destiny review after having played through (and been disappointed by) the abrupt and surprising lack of content in Vanilla Destiny. This piece covers the completed game, ...
Destiny: You Must Construct Additional Content
2 years ago
[As Destiny's final piece finishes off the game, I thought I'd compare and contrast what I wrote after playing the original (or "Vanilla") release of Destiny, prior to any DLC releases, with what the ...
Mass Effect Andromeda Review
2 years ago
Released: March 21, 2017 Genre: Third-Person RPS First Impression: "Jesus, are those the faces?" The first modern video game I played was the original Mass Effect, around ten years ago now. Since then...