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I love to write, read, and consume media. I love telling stories whether they be fictional or real.  

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"Winterfell" - 8.01 Episode Review/Analysis
5 days ago
Warning: This is not a spoiler-free analysis. A note: This was written after the second viewing. For eight seasons, the opening theme has been rather unchanged, excluding the theme and locations on th...
The Lone Wolf Dies
8 days ago
It’s been eight years since HBO premiered Game of Thrones on their network. George R.R. Martin released the first book in 1996, 23 years ago and coincidentally, the year I was born. My personal journe...
'How to Train Your Dragon 3': Sub Plot and Visuals Overshadow Main Storyline
2 months ago
The following review is not spoiler-free. I’ve tried to keep it as vague as possible, but in order to discuss the movie fully, details had to be made. How to Train Your Dragon 3 was a wonderful additi...
Comic Books Are Literature
3 months ago
It seems that comic books, but superhero comics in particular, have earned a reputation of being immature, or as a classmate said,”low brow.” I disagree completely. While super hero comics may seem br...
The Art of Film: 'Stronger'
8 months ago
When I stumbled across Stronger on a streaming service recently, I was surprised by a couple of things. The first was that I had never even heard of the movie prior to finding it there. This still str...
The Joker Does Not Need Two Stand Alone Movies
a year ago
Back in August, Warner Brothers announced that Todd Phillips was going to direct a Joker origin film, starring Joaquin Phoenix. Just a couple of days ago, they announced that Jared Leto would be starr...