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LGBTQ cosplayer in Arkansas. On the Autism Spectrum. Nerdy 24/7. Lover of nostalgia.

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Instagram: @thecosplayerfromtexas

Twitter: @texxxmancosplay

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Cosplayer Spotlight: Gary Prudhoe
11 hours ago
Since I joined Vocal over a year ago, I've had the pleasure of interviewing 20 amazing cosplayers. They were great people, and I learned so much from them. Sure, they love cosplay and representing tha...
My Thoughts About Jason David Frank in 2019
3 days ago
A year ago, I've written an article about Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank, and it received over 700 reads on Vocal. They say that honesty is the best policy, but after writing that article, I re...
Cosplayer Spotlight: Mister Cosplay
2 months ago
Greetings, my nerdy fam. Welcome to another copslayer spotlight feature, where I interview cosplayers, and they tell us more about themselves. This is my second cosplayer interview of 2019, and recent...
Cosplay Spotlight: Jason Chevres
2 months ago
Now that spring has arrived, I'm back with some cosplay interviews. Last year, I've had the pleasure of interviewing over a dozen cosplayers and hearing their stories of their love of cosplay were int...
How Has Cosplay Changed Your Life?
3 months ago
Last week, I've asked my friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram how cosplay has changed their lives. I often ask this interesting question, because I'm curious to hear the stories of cosplaye...
Cosplay Plans for Spring 2019 and Beyond
3 months ago
I've been quite busy lately with work and everything else. Most of 2018 was a difficult time for me—mental health issues, homelessness, and took a three month hiatus from cosplay until things improved...