Texxx-Man Cosplay

LGBTQ cosplayer in Arkansas. On the Autism Spectrum. Nerdy 24/7. Lover of nostalgia.

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4-Year Cosplay Anniversary
5 months ago
About two and a half weeks ago, I celebrated four years of being a cosplayer. I made my cosplayer debut as Texxx-Man Cosplay on August 1, 2014. A year earlier, one of my friends at work was telling me...
Cosplayer Spotlight: Damoes Blackblood
5 months ago
For the last couple of months, I've interviewed so many cosplayers and their stories have been interesting. Not only that, but I've learned so much about them. I've recently had an opportunity to inte...
Cosplayer Spotlight: Wil Busbee
5 months ago
On social media, I get to interact with many cosplayers on either a regular or daily basis. Most of the time, I comment on how much I like their cosplays and seek advice from them. Before I headed off...
Cosplayer Interview: Byakuya Shinriku
5 months ago
In the world of cosplay, us cosplayers attend conventions every year and meet people. We get to know more about them and eventually form friendships. In the four years I've been a cosplayer, having th...
Cosplayer Spotlight: Joseph Vallejo
5 months ago
Weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow admin of a Power Rangers Facebook group. Now, I'm going to introduce everyone to Joseph. He's a die-hard Power Rangers fan, cosplayer, and also a...
Cosplayer Spotlight: Batsu Cosplay
5 months ago
It's time for another cosplayer interview and recently, I got the chance to interview Batsu Cosplay and got to know more about him. Just a reminder that at the end of every one of my articles, if you ...