Texxx-Man Cosplay

LGBTQ cosplayer in Arkansas. On the Autism Spectrum. Nerdy 24/7. Lover of nostalgia.

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Superman at 80 and Why I Defend the Man of Steel
10 months ago
April 18th, 2018: Superman turned 80 years old, and also on this day, the 1,000th issue of Action Comics was released. In 1938, Superman made his comic book debut as the first real superhero. The Man ...
Armored Blue Ranger Cosplay
10 months ago
2017 was a great year for me in cosplay. Meeting people and having the time of my life. There was one particular cosplay that I wanted to do for months and that was the Armored Blue Ranger. The reason...
Cosplay = Confidence
10 months ago
Back in 2013, one of my friends introduced me to cosplay, and at the time, I didn't know what it was. So I went online and searched images of people doing cosplay. I was impressed and wanted to dress ...
In Defense of Sexy Cosplay
10 months ago
Cosplay is a way to express ourselves and also stepping outside of our comfort zone. In this article, I'll be talking about why I defend cosplayers who choose to do it. I've been a cosplayer for almos...
Cosplay Do's & Dont's
10 months ago
Planning for a convention takes a lot of planning and dedication, but at the same time, it's an exciting moment. Now that you have everything packed and ready to have a weekend of convention fun with ...
Cosplay DIY: Zombie Mario
a year ago
I debuted my first cosplay mashup: Zombie Mario at GlitchCon 2015. I also took part in my very first cosplay contest, and while I didn't win, I received a standing ovation. I'll be writing an article ...