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Hugh Jackman Said to be Considering Wolverine Return
2 days ago
Fans of the Hugh Jackman turn as the Wolverine character have seen him appear on screen as the character a total of 9 times so far, and despite the fact that Logan was said to be his final swansong, t...
Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Harassment
6 days ago
The 95-year-old comic legend and cameo star of pretty much every Marvel movie made over the past decade or so has been accused of groping and sexually harassing the nurses who care for him at his home...
'Blade Runner': A Review
16 days ago
Blade Runner was one of those movies that, for me, existed on my periphery for as long as I can remember but for one reason or another never actually got round to watching. Whenever the film was menti...
Stan Lee Showed up on 'Jeopardy' to Give Clues About Himself
16 days ago
You all know him, you all love him, and even if you don't know and love him, his face is bound to be familiar. You see, if you've seen at least one Marvel movie over the last ten years, you will have ...
'Bright': A Review
17 days ago
A Netflix continues its meteoric rise, they expand their range of TV shows and movies in an effort to put their own permanent stamp on the entertainment world. Enter: Bright. This is Netflix's first b...
5 Marvel Comics Events That Need to Make It to the Movies
18 days ago
So the Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps on rolling, churning out success after success. It seems they can do no wrong, but all these movies have been working to one ultimate goal, a mega crossover even...