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Why 'The Trench' Spinoff Could Work
a month ago
Roughly last week, DC announced a spinoff based of the trench scene from their latest movie, Aquaman. I figured DC would capitalize on the success of Aquaman, considering it’s one of the only DC movie...
Top 5 Best Binge-Worthy Shows
a month ago
We can all relate to this one tragic question that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time; what is there to watch next? I hate nothing more than finishing a show I’ve invested countless hours on,...
Top 10 'Sons of Anarchy' Characters
a month ago
I just spent the better half of a month binge-watching all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy for the first time. This show took me for a ride—more specifically, a motorcycle ride. The story was engagin...
Top 8 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019 That Aren't Marvel or DC Movies
2 months ago
With 2018 gone, there’s nothing else to do, but look forward to the movies that are releasing in 2019. So I decided to put together a list of my personal eight most anticipated movies of 2019. The onl...
Is the Godzilla Anime Trilogy on Netflix Good?
2 months ago
The simple answer to the question this title asks is… It ranges from decently okay to awful. Yet, that answer wouldn’t be sufficed for such a confused trilogy. Thus, we have to ask these next few ques...
Top 10 Godzilla Villains
2 months ago
With discussions about which famous kaiju will enter the Monsterverse, I’ve decided to put together a list of the top 10 Godzilla villains. Some of which have or will appear in future Monsterverse mov...