Tisha Eaton

I am a Disney Fanatic who loves to give information on stars, movies and shows that you guys like too! A professional fan girl who has been featured on Huffington Post and loves to share her love of anything and everything

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Fans of 'The Originals' Leah Pipes Band Together for a Good Cause
2 years ago
As I have written about before, The Originals actress Leah Pipes has been dealing with her fair share of criticism from both journalists and fans alike over her character Camille O'Connell. Leah recen...
Right in the Feels! ~ #3 Things You Should Know About Tisha Eaton
2 years ago
So being new to the site, I have already met a few people who I have gotten to know and have been enjoying talking to, both in the group and through messaging on Facebook. One such person is John Cart...
Cute Alert: 'Pitch Perfect' Stars Celebrate Engagement With Joint Bachelor-Bachelorette Parties
2 years ago
While their characters were rivals and their groups didn't like each other in the movies, looks like Pitch Perfect stars Skylar Astin and Anna Camp found perfect harmony with each other. So much so, i...
Return To Neverland With These Pics Of The Lost Boys From 'Hook' 25 Years Later
2 years ago
For so many of us, the story of Peter Pan was one that was a big staple in our childhood. There are many incarnations, whether it was the book, the play or the Disney movie, many kids related to the b...
Who Would Your Favorite Disney Characters Play In 'Harry Potter'?
2 years ago
Two of our favorite things growing up were the Harry Potter series and watching Disney movies. It is fun to imagine what houses we would be in if we were to go to Hogwarts, but have you ever wondered ...
Everything We Know About 'Something Borrowed 2'
2 years ago
Way back in 2011, fans of novelist Emily Giffin were pleasantly surprised with the release of her hit novel Something Borrowed being brought to the big screen. While the movie received mixed reviews, ...